5 Emergency Event Medical Service Best Practices for Live Events

With over 3 million live entertainment events and over 50 million people attending per year, someone is bound to get hurt. Whether a music performer on stage or a fan in the crowd, physical […]

Dilute NFL Draft urine drug tests should drive conversation around drug culture – why allow opioids vs. cannabinoids?

Today is draft day and everyone knows about the two dilute urine tests that occurred during the combine from two draft prospects. The best explanation for the two dilute tests is that Peppers and […]

Drake and Me: Both Canadian? Nope, but we did both tear our ACL!

“It buckled, popped. I was down. I remember slapping the ground. I couldn’t believe it. I saw the lights coming down. [And I was thinking] ‘Did I just fall?’ – Drake, describing his ACL tear […]

Improving communication, setting expectations highlight opportunities for improved concussion management in the ED

Concussion management and diagnosis is an evolving area both in medicine and in the public arena with increased attention being paid to neurocognitive protection and downstream impact following a head injury. The National Law […]

Can we stop using warfarin now???

Justification for continued use of warfarin (a vitamin K antagonist anticoagulant) in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) or many cases of venous thromboembolism is becoming more tenuous every day. In the August 9, […]